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Solar Road Stud (Model: D-143)

(Model: D-143)Solar Pavement Levelled Marker/Solar Road Stud

Bigger size:143mm dia. *47mm depth, Larger solar panel size, More charge.

>800 meters visual distance

Waterproof IP68, Excellent performance in continuous rainy days and rainy seasons.

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Why many contractors choose
D-143 Solar Road Stud

As traffic warning and guidance equipment, round embedded solar led road stud plays an important role in traffic safety and fast. Solar road studs are flashing solar cell powered LED low-maintenance lighting devices that delineate road edges and centrelines. Embedded in the road surface, they are an electronic improvement on the traditional cat's eyes and raised pavement marker in that they may give drivers a larger reaction window. Size: 143mm dia. * 47mm depth; Weight: 1000grams.

Unique optical lens design

1. Unique optical lens design, scientific light angle

>800 meters visual distance: Better light-emitting angle (30 degrees Gradient on LED sides) and high-brightness LED chips, bringing a greater visual distance.

Solar panels get bigger

2. Solar panels get bigger

Larger solar panel size, More charge. Solar panel: Mono-crystalline silicon solar panel, high efficiency, 5v, 120mAh.

Less falloff compared to reticulate

3. Less falloff compared to reticulate

Improve the surface anti-skid pattern and reduce the barrier to the passage of sunlight. Super bright Led chips and 30 degrees Gradient on LED sides.

Truck Passing Compression Test

4. Truck Passing Compression Test

The leader of solar road stud with Load capacity: >50T

Waterproof IP68

5. Waterproof IP68

Material: die-casting aluminum alloy body with transparent polycarbonate top. Outstanding performance, especially in areas with many consecutive rainy days and prolonged rainy seasons.

Perfectly embedded with the road

6. Perfectly embedded with the road

6pcs Stainless Steel Safety Locks. After installation, the road surface is smooth and non-slip.

Polybrite solar road studs have been widely
used in lighting projects in over 100 countries and areas

solar road stud application
solar road stud application
solar road stud application
solar road stud application
solar road stud application
solar road stud application

Solar Pavement Levelled Marker/Solar Road Stud

Model D-143

d143 model
Model Solar Road Stud(Model: D-143)
Solar Panel 5V 120MA Mono-crystaline Silicon
Battery 3.2v 1500mAh litium battery
Dimension Dia 143mm, height 47mm, weight 1000g
Led Light 10 mm high-luminance LED 6pcs
Color Yellow / white / red / blue / green
Material Transparent polycarbonate+ Die cast aluminium alloy
Security locks 6pcs Stainless steel safety locks
Working time 120 hours for battery for flashing modes, 72 hours for steady
Waterproof IP68
Visibility > 800m
Load bearing about 50 Ton

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Polybirte Certificates

Feedback from our esteemed Clients

Philippines Client:

Solar-powered LED road studs are high-energy and work wonders in attracting the attention of drivers because of high visible bright light.

Malaysia Engineer:

LED Road Stud Solar Powered also known as Road Reflector is designed to guide vehicles and pedestrians for directions. Polybrite brand is my first choice.

Manila Philippines Client:

If there's a long rainy season or more than 5 consecutive rainy days in your location, please choose D-143 model. I have used this model in our government road project.

Indonesia Client:

Thanks my friend, our boss love ur integrated solar road studs D-143 so much. Best meet our requirements for our 20KM road project.

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  2. Road width & road length?
  3. What type of road? Highway, national or suburb or park road?
  4. How many hours of the solar light per day required?
  5. How many continued days lighting without sunshine?
  6. If retrofit lighting, what's the existing light type and power?
  7. Have the site photo?
  8. Any other special requirement of the project?

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