Solar Panel Battery LED Lamp Lighting Pole

Cobra LED Street Light (series: SL-A3 B type)

SL-A3 B Cobra LED street light is suitable for the highways, urban roads and secondary roads, stadiums, sidewalks,residential areas, industrial areas, squares, parks schools,villas, gardens and other places.


  • SL-A3 B type LED street light use high brightness COB LED as light source, low voltage constant current drive.
  • SL-A3 B type LED street light use high heat conduction aluminum alloy as material of lamp body, high heat conducting efficiency, reticular radiator, attractive appearance, anti-corrosion and dust-proof.

Bright LED chip

Bright LED chip, energy saving and environmental protection, long life and durable.


With open circult, short circuit, overvoltage and undervoltage protection, high efficiency and energy saving.

Stainless steel screw

Stainless steel screws are used to prevent rusting and falling off.


Die casting aluminum heat dissipation, increase heat convection, not fade, rust / corrosion, effectively reduce the light attenuation.

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The light is widely used for highways, streets, rural roads, residential areas, campus, parking lots and most public areas lighting.

Rural roads

Rural roads

Residential areas

Residential areas

Country road

Country road

National Highway

National Highway

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