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SSL-G2 All In Two Solar Street Light

SSL-G2 series Split type Solar Street Light

Flexible combination of each component with different capacity

Reliable and safe lighting performance

Support full night high brightness illumination

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Why many contractors choose
SSL-G2 Solar Street Light

SSL-G2 split type of solar street light is a kind of solar light that solar lamp, batteries and solar panels are all separately designed. you can combine each component with different capacities flexibly. Split type solar lights especially suitable for area with long rainy/cloudy days or project require full night high brightness illumination.Split type solar light can provide a more reliable and safe lighting performance.

Semi-integrated design

1. +10 Years Lifespan LiFePO4 Battery

High quality LiFePO4 battery cells, safe and stable. Multiple battery protection technology allows the lamp working under high temperature safely.

Strong and flexible way of battery Fasten

2. Superior Light Source (Lumen reach up to 180lm/w)

+100,000 hours long lifetime of Bridgelux/CREE/Philips led chips, the Luminous efficiency can reach up to 180lm/w.

Hollow-carved design

3. High Efficiency Monocrystalline Solar Panel

With High efficiency Monocrystalline solar cells, the conversion efficiency Over 20%. With qualified and durable design, it had past strong snow/wind load test.

Superior Light Source (Lumen reach up to 170lm/w)

4. MPPT High Efficiency Charge Controller

Provide an increase in charging efficiency up to 30% compared to PWM. Greater flexibility for system growth. A range of protection measures such as battery reverse-connection protection, LED short-circuit and open-circuit protection, etc., put the system under comprehensive and constant guard.

High Efficient Monocrystalline Solar Panel

5. LED Heat Dissipation

When LED heat up, the performance drops, so maintaining a lower temperature is critical to led performance. Polybrite solar add a heatsink to the PCB to dissipate the heat away from the LED package so that make the led package better performance and durable.

Color temperature can be customized

6. Integrated die-cast aluminum lamp bracket

More stronger and anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

Polybrite solar lights have been widely
used in lighting projects in over 100 countries and areas

Rural Road Lighting Project

Community subdivision lighting

Country Road lighting project

Country Road Solar Lighting Project

Community Street Lighting Project

Rural Road Lighting Project

Village Road Lighting Project

Government Solar Lighting Project

Government Solar Lighting Project

Highway Lighting Project

Countryside Lighting Project

City Street Lighting Project

Wide range available from 120 to 200 Watt


Model SSL-G2 Split type Solar Street Light
LED Bridgelux /Philips/CREE LED chips3030, 170-180LM/W, 2700K-6500K can customize
Solar Panel High Efficiency Monocrystalline Silicon
Battery LIFEPO4 Battery
Mounting Height 4-12m
Intelligent Light Mode Time control + Light control + Motion sensor(optional)
Solar Charging Time 6 hours by bright sunlight
Back Up 3 - 7 Cloudy/Rainy days
Material High Class Aluminum
Certificate CE / ROHS / IP65

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How to install?

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Polybirte Certificates


Feedback from our esteemed Clients

Malaysia Client:

Ok, with u good support, I will try to promote same more with my solar lighting project in Malaysia.

Solomon island Client:

Carpark and front gate as bright as day. Solar street lights enhancing the safety of our evening classes.

Manila Philippine Client:

Dear look so beautiful, I will lost down how many we need and re order. Special thanks to us, for donating additional lights for us. If you need high-quality solar-powered lights, you may visit their store online.

Malaysia Client:

Thanks my friend, our boss love ur product so much.

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  1. Which city wil you install the solar street lights?
  2. Road width & road length?
  3. What type of road? Highway, national or suburb or park road?
  4. How many hours of the solar light per day required?
  5. How many continued days lighting without sunshine?
  6. If retrofit lighting, what's the existing light type and power?
  7. Have the site photo?
  8. Any other special requirement of the project?

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