Solar Panel Battery LED Lamp Lighting Pole

Duck Tongue LED Street Light (series: SL-A2)

LED Street lights are becoming more the norm than the exception due to lower prices, better technology and more demand for energy efficiency. With savings of our 70% compared to HIDs, Metal Halide and High Pressure sodium, the energy savings is pushing LED street lights into the very mainstream.


  • Intelligent inductive light control: turn off during the day and automatically light up at night
  • Power supply: a variety of good power supply, a variety of options, high-end routes, pay attention to quality.

Thickened aluminum lamp body

It is made of die-casting aluminum, with strong corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high heat dissipation efficiency and long service life.

LED light source

High brightness LED chip, energy saving and environmental protection, long life.

Heat dissipation design

Use thickened aluminum for heat dissipation, increase heat convection, no fading, antirust / anti-corrosion, effectively reduce light decay.

Stainless steel screw

Stainless steel screws are used to prevent rusting and falling off.

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The light is widely used for highways, streets, rural roads, residential areas, campus, parking lots and most public areas lighting.

Community Road

Community Road

Rural roads

Rural roads

Provincial Road

Provincial Road

Residential areas

Residential areas

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