Solar Panel Battery LED Lamp Lighting Pole

LED Flood Light (series: FL)

LED Flood Lights architectural lighting are used for the illumination of facades and buildings. This light system takes maximum advantage of the light emitted, reaches 90% and only loses 10% of heat, so it barely emits C02 emissions. In addition, LED projectors are ultra low power, do not give off ultraviolet radiation, or infrared and have a life cycle much greater than the traditional lighting system.


  • Warm white light(3000k) for home decoration, bedroom.
  • Neutral white(4000k) the light color is more moderate, soft.
  • Positive white light(6000k) such as the sun at noon, is higher the luminosity.

Exquisite aluminum lamp body

It is made of die-casting aluminum, with strong corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, high heat dissipation efficiency and long service life.

LED light source

High brightness LED chip, energy saving and environmental protection, long life.

Heat dissipation design

Die casting aluminum heat dissipation, increase heat convection, permanent fading, anti rust / anti-corrosion, effectively reduce light attenuation.

U-shaped lamp holder

Easy to install and stable with IP66 waterproof grade.

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Flood lights are used to illuminate these structures at night while enhancing their architectural splendour.

Park lighting

Park lighting

Architectural lighting

Architectural lighting

Building lighting

Building lighting

District lighting

District lighting

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