All In One All In Two AC/DC Hybrid Solar Road Stud Solar Flood Light
All In Two Solar Street Light solar road light solar street light all in two solar light for street
  • All In Two Solar Street Light solar road light solar street light all in two solar light for street

SSL-G2 (Standard) All In Two Solar Street Light

SSL-G2 All in Two Solar Street Light is designed for Main Street and Highway Lighting, with lithium battery and controller built inside the lamp. Design to replace the traditional separated type solar street light on the market. It is easy for installation with good performance.


  • All night lighting.
  • High class integrated die-casting aluminum alloy case
  • Motion sensor for energy saving
  • Turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn automatically
  • Low voltage design. Safe and reliable.
  • Integrated package, convenient transportation
  • Light mode use lighting control + time control
3 Years Warranty
IP65 Waterproof
Mono Solar Panel
LiFePO4 Battery
PIR Motion Senso
Easy Maintenance
High conversion efficiency monocrystalline solar panel

Lighting pole can be customized design

Light poles can be customized according to your different soarl lighting projects. Hot-dip galvanized steel, Surface spray treatment, the wind resistance rating > 160KM/H.

Die-casting aluminum lamp body, solid and durable

Ultra-long lifetime andReliable LiFePO4 Battery

The lithium battery advantages: small size, easy to install, short charging time, high and low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, intelligent protection of overcharge and overdischarge, and longer service life.

High conversion efficiency monocrystalline solar panel

High conversion efficiency monocrystalline solar panel

Using Grade A monocrystalline silicon wafers, the conversion efficiency is higher, greater than 19%, the performance is more stable, safe and reliable, the aluminum alloy frame is resistant to oxidation, and the toughened glass is effective against hail.

Integrated Optical Lens Design, Built-in lithium battery and controller

LED lamp holder has appearance patent, private mold design, die-cast aluminum lamp body, good heat dissipation.

Product Specification
Solar Street Light Model SSL-G2 All in Two
LED Power 30W, 40W, 50W, 60W, 70W, 80W, 100W, 120W
Solar Panel 40w-150w Monocrystaline Grade A, 25years Warranty, DC 18V/36V
LED Lighting Bridgelux USA/Philips /Cree USA, Color temperature 2700-6500k
Intelligent Light Mode Time control + Light control + PIR Motion sensor
Battery Lithium LIFEPO4, Battery lifetime Over 8 Years
Lamp shell Aluminum Alloy with Anodizing process
Back Up 3 to 7 Days
IP Rating IP65
Certificate CE/EMC/ROHS/IP65


Our solar-powered street lights will mainly use the solar cells in the panel to seize the energy from the sun during the day, and that energy will be converted into electricity and stored in the battery automatically. Once sunlight starts to fade and the solar panel voltage drops lower than the set volts, LEDs will then progressively start to light on. The controller in the system normally controls the battery charging and the working time and mode of the solar street light. Our solar street light will remain on throughout the night, consuming the energy stored in the battery. The next day the cycle repeats.

1 High Efficiency Mono SOLAR PANEL

During the day, the solar panel convert the sun’s energy into electricity. Even in a bad weather conditions the solar panel still produce electricity. We will customize the size of the solar panel according to your geographical area to optimize the efficiency.

2 Lighting Mode

All in two solar street light has two light mode: Time control + Light control.

3 LED: Superior Light Source

During the night, the Led luminaries will switch on according to the customer set up using the electricity provided by the battery through the controller. Bridgelux LED chips from USA with high brightness, luminous efficiency can reach up to 180lm/w, +100,000 hours long lifetime.

4 Ultra-long lifetime and Reliable LiFePO4 Battery

The electricity generated by the solar panel during the day is stored in the Battery made especially for our solar lighting application. The Eco-friendly and safe LiFePO4 battery improves the cyclic charge and discharge over 2000 times and has a life span of more than 10 years. Multiple battery pack protection measures ensure the lamp can work safe and durable under high temperature.

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The SSL-G2 all in two solar street light is widely used to street, road, pathway, bike trails, crossing, residential and building area and many other public areas.

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