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AC/DC hybrid Solar Street Lights (series: SSL-A3 hybrid)

The difference between grid complementary solar street lights and traditional solar street lights is that grid complementary solar street lights need to connect a set of mains cables to the grid, and need a transformer to convert grid AC electricity to suitable DC electricity.


  • AC/DC hybrid: solar power as priority while grid power as alternative.
  • Energy Saving: solar power is priority, and grid power as back up for long continual rainy days.
  • Intelligent: Automatically switch to solar power when there's power from batteries (Solar Power); automatically switch to grid power when battery power is low.
  • Severe Weather Adaptability: Adapt to any severe weather, can work in lower solar irradiation area.
3 Years Warranty
IP65 Waterproof
Mono Solar Panel
LiFePO4 Battery
PIR Motion Senso
Easy Maintenance
Grid-Solar Complementary Grid-Solar Complementary

Grid-Solar Complementary

The grid complementary technology allows solar street lights alternate to grid power supply in case of insufficient sunshine.

Durable and reliable, +10 years lifetime Durable and reliable, +10 years lifetime

Durable and reliable, +10 years lifetime

Aluminum alloy frame, effectively isolating outdoor humidity and dust, prolonged lifetime. IP 65 waterproof and IK08 wind resistance.

Solar Panel Solar Panel

Solar Panel

High efficiency solar panel takes use of photocells, a small panel can bring big power outputs and let the whole light have longer autonomy.

Ultra-long lifetime and Reliable LiFePO4 Battery

Ultra-long lifetime and Reliable LiFePO4 Battery

Multiple battery pack protection measures ensure the lamp can work safe and durable under high temperature.

Product Specification
AC/DC Solar Street Light Model SSL-A3 HYBRID
LED Power 20W / 40W / 50W / 60W / 70W / 80W / 90W / 100W / 120W
Color Temperature 2700-6500k (optional)
Led chips brand Bridgelux USA/Philips /Cree USA (Optional)
Solar panel 30w-150w (bigger wattage optional), Solar panel lifetime 25 years
Battery Lithium battery with Battery lifetime Over 8 years
Control method Night sensor + motion sensor Time control
Certificate CE/EMC/ROHS/IP65
IP Rating IP65

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With the rapid development of solar photovoltaic power generation technology, solar streetlights have been popularized and applied in the vast urban and rural areas, especially in rural areas without a power grid.

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