All In One All In Two AC/DC Hybrid Solar Road Stud Solar Flood Light

Solar Flood Light (SPE) for Garden

Solar flood lights can work from dusk to dawn even for two consecutive days with a single charge.


  • 7 working modes.
  • Automatically turn on when dark
  • Radar induction function, 100% lighting when people pass by, 25% lighting when people leave
  • Easy for installation

Made of white tempered glass

Outer is die-casting aluminium frame and the design for heat dissipation.

180 Degree Rotated

Solar Flood light working with 180 degree rotated bracket

Inbuilt waterproof rubber ring in IP66 grade.

Removable case and fixed by 304 screws.

High-efficiency MONO Solar panel

Adopt high efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panel for better performance especially in the cloudy and rainy days.

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Solar powered flood lights are the perfect selection for the homeowner or small commercial business that is looking for a light source in the backyard or garden to increase security.

Backyard  Security

Backyard Security

Company Night Lighting

Company Night Lighting

Gardens, courtyards Lighting

Gardens, courtyards Lighting

Extra lighting in parking lots

Extra lighting in parking lots

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