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AC/DC Hybrid All in one solar street lights

Product:AC/DC SSL-A2-120W

Project Location:Croatia

Project Date:

Project Overview:

The client need full night stable brightness solar light to light up a construction site. The project require the solar light with AC power supply for back up so that make sure the lamp can work at high brightness 10-12hours every night including in rainy season.

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Polybrite solar recommend AC/DC integrated solar light A2 -120W with detachable battery box. Featuring a grid-tied power as back up, in case it comes to long rainy days the battery electricity lower to limitation, the lamp will Switch to AC supply automatically within 20-30ms, and continue support the illumination.

The switch time so short that you even not aware it. and after the weather back to normal and battery get charged the lamp will Switch back to DC supply again. So that save electricity cost.

This solution meet the client demand perfectly!

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