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Can Solar Street Lights Work Normally On Rainy Days?

Post time: 2022-01-14 14:56:56

Solar street lights, as the name suggests, are street lights powered and stored by solar energy. How can solar street lights work normally in the long rainy weather without the sun?

The use of All In One solar street lights has many benefits. One of them is that, they are not dependent on the utility grid and therefore require less operating costs. They use the energy radiated by the sun, and store this energy throughout the day in the batteries. These lights are also environment-friendly and lessen your carbon footprint contribution.

Working principle of solar street lights

The solar street lights use solar energy, a form of the renewable energy. These days it is common to see the solar street lamps along the sides of roads. The solar street lights comprise of, which absorb the solar energy during daytime. The photovoltaic cells convert solar energy into electrical energy, which is stored in the battery. At the nighttime the lamp starts automatically and it consumes the electricity already stored in the battery. During the day time the battery gets recharged and the process keeps on repeating every day.

Solar Street Lights Use Lithium Battery

Solar street lights use a high capacity lithium battery where electrical energy is stored daily. The battery is designed to operate for many nights straight, without the need for charging. Even in long, rainy days when the sun is hiding, there is enough energy to power the street light at night. Lithium battery helps prolong the life of the product and is environment-friendly.

Street Street Lights Use An Intelligent Controller

Through the use of intelligent controllers, All in One Solar street lights can sustain long days without charging. Through intelligent controller, the solar street light is automatically turned off during the daytime, effectively saving energy. The controller understands automatically when lights must be switched on and when must be turned off without the need for manual intervention. The controller can even regulate the power of the light according to battery energy status.

Regards to solar power street light, if need meet the LED lamp to work under more rainy days, it should notice three factors when designing it. From its hardware, its allocation need be increased. The first one is to improve the conversion rate of solar panel, one the one hand, the higher efficient solar cells can be adopted, on the other hand, the size of solar panel can be enlarged. The second is to increase the battery capacity, as solar power can’t continue to provide stable power, it should use a battery to store these electric powers, then output at stable and continuous power. The third is via technological method to realize intelligent power adjustable, to smart adjust climate state and reasonable to distribute the output power.

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