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The Five Configurations for Solar Power

Post time: 2020-09-29 09:23:10

If you want to create a solar power electricity installation, it is important to choose a configuration. In this article we want to illustrate you the five different configurations you can choose from:

  • Stand-alone (also known as off-grid) without grid power charge function
  • Stand-alone (off-grid) with grid power charge function
  • Grid-tie that feeds all the solar powered electricity to grid
  • Grid-tie that only feeds the surplus solar powered electricity to grid
  • Grid-tie with battery backup

Stand-alone/off-grid without grid power charge

Stand-alone is the most popular type of solar installation worldwide: it provides power to locations where no other source is easily available. And this is exactly solar photovoltaics’ main purpose.

The solar panel generates power, the energy is stored in a battery and then used as required.

Stand-alone/off-grid with grid power charge

This grid power charge function is ideal when solar power is not enough for your home application, because the system with this function can automatically charge the battery by grid AC power.

Grid-tie: feed all the solar powered electricity to grid

All the electricity produced by your solar system is fed into the grid so you buy the electricity you need from the electricity companies.Grid-tie is gaining popularity in Europe and the United States because grants are available to reduce the installation costs; this way you can earn money by selling electricity back into the electricity companies through a feed-in tariff.

Feed-in tariff schemes vary around the world and are not available everywhere. Where they exist, your local electricity company buys electricity from solar producers at an agreed rate per kilowatt hour. In some countries, this price has been set at an inflated rate by government in order to encourage people to install solar. In other countries and regions, the price is agreed by the electricity companies themselves.

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