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How Much Do All in One Solar Street Light Cost?

Post time: 2022-08-05 09:07:32

With today's demand for reliable and sustainable lighting, solar-powered street lights are becoming a more popular preference over regular street lights. What's even more interesting is solar street lights manufacturers aren't shying away from exhibiting state-of-the-art technologies and new developments incorporated in their solar products.

Not only can you now buy solar LED street lights at an affordable price but also at a competitively high-quality state. Indeed, this green alternative and renewable energy lighting solution have a lot of heads turned especially from government agencies around the globe.

Where are you going to use solar street lights for?

There are many types of solar street lights available in the market ranging from the application to application. Some are used for garden lighting, which obviously has a lower wattage and illumination (and cheaper price), while highway illumination requires much more lumens, wattage, and overall power.

Application: Garden lighting, landscaping, residential area(LED light Power: 6W to 12W), Price range: $20-$80

Application: Local roads, small roads, event lighting(LED light Power: 15W-120W), Price range: $60-$150

Application: Main Road, Highways(LED light Power: 40W-150W), Price range: $120-$800

You now have an idea that the more significant the solar street light application is, such as in highways and big roads, the higher its price per unit.

Why is Energy Use or Knowing the Wattage Important?

As you might have guessed, LED lamp wins hands-down when it comes to the lowest energy consumption as compared with other light sources. One of the reasons is that they are energy efficient and can save you a lot in electric bills.

LED lamps can provide high lumens at low wattage and is very efficient as compared with most traditional street lights.

Take for example park lighting. The common wattage for traditional street lights found in parks is usually 400 to 800 watts. When you use solar LED street lights, it can be around 40-500 watts. Therefore, by just using LED lamps for street lights gives you about 40% to 65.5% savings in electrical consumption.

How much electricity does a street light use per day?

Now let’s look into the electricity bill of grid-tied street lights. Take for example a 100 Watts Metal Halide street light installed on a highway road. Most of the time, street lights are used for 12 hours a day.

KW per Hour = 0.1 kW per hour
Consumption for 12 hours = 0.1 kW per hour * 12 = 1.2 kWh.

Assuming electricity costs 35 cents per kWh (0.35$ per kWh)
1.2kWh * $0.35/kWh = $0.42 per day ($12.6 per month or $151.2 per year or $1,512 in 10 years)

How much is the cost for street light installation?

Installation costs for traditional street lights are very high. The average cost of an electrician to put up a street light installation for you is about $4000 to $5000. This includes the equipment, labor and tools needed for the installation. If your lighting project is on the highway, it can cost you even more.

Maintenance Cost Comparison

Maintenance cost might be a deterrent factor for purchasing solar street lights as it is higher than traditional street light maintenance fees. Nevertheless, the good thing about solar street lights is maintenance frequency is lesser.

This is due to the fact that an LED lamp has an average life ranging from 25,000-80,000 hours while a traditional street lamp has a maximum life of 24,000 only. This shows that you have to replace MH light bulbs more often that LED lamps.

A large chunk of maintenance cost also falls for battery replacements as they need to be replaced every 5 to 7 years. The average cost for this may account for $1000.

Energy Costs

Finally, traditional street lights cannot escape from the grid as they get energy from it. Solar street lights get energy from the sun, which is practically a free source of energy. So in a span of 10 years, you could have saved a lot of money when you invest in solar street lights. When you choose traditional street lights, you would have to regularly pay electricity each year.

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