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Integrated Solar Street Lighting for Municipalities

Post time: 2022-06-27 18:11:28

Municipal solar street lights are helping local governments find smart ways to address climate change, resilience, and safety.

PolyBrite solar street lights are a customized lighting solution for municipal projects. Enjoy immediate and long-term cost savings—no need to pay for electricity or complete costly, disruptive in-ground installation.

Increasing Safety and Security

Solar street lighting is a cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative for municipal properties, including parks, public transportation stations, parking areas, and police and fire department properties.

You can immediately improve the environmental footprint of your city while increasing security and safety in public spaces with solar lights for municipalities. Solar lights also help you improve the design of your lighting systems.‌

We have firsthand experience with solar street lighting for municipalities. Either it was never installed, or it was in disrepair.

Why Does Street Lighting Matter So Much?

"Lighting provides safety and security, provides access to education, enhances architecture, and improves quality of life." We have seen the benefits of outdoor lighting. It encourages afterwork exercise, commuting alternatives, and increased socializing in the community.

Experts debate the impact of lighting on crime because it’s complicated. For example, does crime go down because of lighting or because more people feel safe enough to be out and about? Seven studies show that show streetlights had a desirable impact on crime.

Lighting also helps residents safely navigate. Though it’s hard to measure, it has an impact on the atmosphere of the neighborhood as well.

Save Your City Money with Solar Lighting

Solar lighting is cost-effective because it relies on a natural, renewable resource for power. Using the sun’s energy means businesses can save thousands because lights don’t have to be connected to the power grid at all. This significantly lowers installation costs since there are no wiring or trenching fees.

Another area of savings is the complete elimination of monthly energy bills. Solar power is free and doesn’t require underground electricity. Also, make sure you learn about potential incentives and tax breaks for using renewable energy that could be available in your area, saving you even more on these costs.

We help you bring solar street lighting to your town or city

No matter the size or location of your municipality, our municipal solar street lights will keep your citizens comfortable and safe—all night, every night, always. Our advanced integrated solar street light poles let you choose the capabilities that meet your needs—whether you’re lighting a parking lot or a pathway. Long battery life keeps our lights on all night every night, for ten to twelve years. Even if your community is far from the Sun Belt.

We help towns and cities strengthen their infrastructure, making them less reliant on the grid. Solar lighting is powered by 100% renewable energy. We can provide effective lighting on roads, in parks and in parking lots. Municipalities with solar lighting are more resilient to natural disasters, too. When the grid goes out, our lights stay on. Even our wireless network is smarter, powering its gateways with uninterrupted solar power.

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