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Precautions for the site selection of solar street lights

Post time: 2021-11-16 09:32:32

Precautions for the site selection of solar street lights

  1. Site selection of solar street lights

As a new inexhaustible energy source, solar energy is becoming more and more popular. As an environmentally friendly new energy source, it promotes the development of low-carbon life. With the continuous improvement of conversion efficiency between solar energy and battery conversion efficiency, solar power generation has become a reality, and it has been used many industries, especially in the field of lighting. Solar street lights are going to be used on a large scale all over the world.

Site selection of solar street lights

Solar street lights use solar light as energy source, so the location and installation of solar street lights affect the use effect of street lights directly.

1. The installation location of solar street lights must take consideration of the maximum irradiation area that can meet the light source. So first of all, it is necessary to analyze and determine the direction of the luminaire light source according to the road direction and the position of the luminaire light source. Check the road section (mainly on the south side and east and west sides) whether there are trees or buildings blocked, which will affect lighting. Solar street lights are a product that uses solar energy to generate photovoltaic power, so they must be installed with sufficient sunlight, solar cell modules facing south or southwest, and ensure that there is no obstacle above and on the side of the cell modules.

2. Observe above the installation position to see whether there are cables, wires or other facilities that affect the installation of the solar street lights. It is strictly forbidden to install the solar street light under the high-voltage power line.

3. Understand the foundation of solar street lights and whether there are cables, pipes or other facilities that will affect the construction under the battery compartment or not. And to see whether there are signs prohibiting construction, etc. Avoid the above facilities as much as possible during installation. If you cannot avoid it, you must contact the relevant department to negotiate before construction.

4. Avoid installing in low-lying areas or areas that are likely to cause water accumulation.

5. Measure the parameters such as the width and length of road and the height and distance of shelter as the basic reference data for street light system.

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