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Solar street lights is a solution for world's rural areas

Post time: 2021-11-09 13:53:32

70% of world population living in rural areas is deprived of electricity.

Nobody can argue the immense benefits of solar energy in the world. Yet, most of the people living in the poor rural areas are deprived of electricity. This is an alarming situation and we can correct it with the right measures. Harness the power of solar in rural areas with solar street lights.

Solar grid for rural areas and the associated problems

Many policymakers, researchers, and Govt. authorities have debated on the impact of solar energy. That is how it improves the living conditions of people living in rural areas across the world. The people are deprived of basic amenities and spending most of their lives in darkness. Moreover, they suffer from lack of education and other facilities as well.

While solar-grid or distributed solar can be thought of as a consistent solution for such areas, it has certain associated issues:

1. Infrastructure cost: Rural areas have a scarcity of resources. As a result, setting up a big solar grid that can power all the homes in the area can be extensive. The Govt. budget and international donations decide this infrastructure cost.

Thereby, solar grid projects need money and planning that takes time. Hence, it may not be an ideal solution for worldwide electricity in rural areas.

2. Management issues: Solar grid projects are known to have higher upfront costs. And later on, management issues. In rural areas, lack of education is another concern. The management issues and distribution conflicts are a common occurrence after installation of a solar grid in rural areas. So, what's the solution?

Solar street lights is the ultimate solution for rural areas

Most of the cities around the world have installed solar street lights as part of the Govt. initiative for preserving the environment. Now rural areas can benefit immensely from these solar street lights to ensure electricity during night time. Solar street lights don't require wire connections or electricity powered through them. They work on a simple principle.

During the day, the attached solar panel collects the energy from the sun and uses it to charge the solar batteries. At night, the solar battery supplies power to the LED lights that illuminate the homes and streets in the rural localities.

What is the prime goal of solar street lights

The prime goal of solar street lights is their portable travel-convenience. Moreover, this low-cost alternative is the ultimate solution for powering the rural communities. There are many homes are currently enjoying the benefits from solar lanterns. Use of kerosene lanterns was not only expensive but a safety hazard as well.

With solar street lights, the positive impacts can be seen in the health of the rural people as well. According to a report, people using traditional methods of light like kerosene lamps and lanterns suffer from respiratory problems and eye infections.

Moreover, the worse effects are in the environment. There was an increase in harmful pollutants and toxic emissions into the air. Solar street lights are energy-conscious lighting solution for the rural areas. They can also prevent the carbon footprints of the nations that adopt this small wonder in their efforts.

Solar street lights are the ultimate solution for remote and rural areas. Due to their simplicity, these solar lights can be installed even in harsh condition areas. Also, they work well during disaster situations as well. For more information about solar street lights, you can talk to our solar specialist today.

It is cost-effective!

A power grid is usually constructed to bring light to a domicile. Yet, bringing one to the countryside could balloon its costs. Although a power grid and a solar LED light have the same function, the costs of installing a solar solution versus bringing grid power might shock you. LED lighting has been proven to be an efficient solution to lessen energy bills and it is available everywhere. The costs of solar solutions, on the other hand, are decreasing at a rapid rate. By integrating these two benefits in one product, we have made illumination not only cheaper but also more accessible.

It provides safety and security!

Safety and security are a priority in any human civilization. The mere existence of light creates a feeling of security. It gives us the ability to see the surroundings at night and scram onlookers or animals. Additionally, rural areas need light to keep them safe from vehicles at night. Solar LED lights illuminate dark intersections, pathways, parks, and street signs. These lights could potentially save lives.

It's environment-friendly!

The world is getting hotter and hotter by the day and rural areas are mother Earth's oasis. Solar LED lighting systems are a great non-invasive solution to provide power to rural areas. Power grids often require digging land or setting up power lines. Solar LED lights only need a thin pole, a small solar battery and solar panel and it’s good to go. Furthermore, since LED lights consume less electricity and have long lives they won’t need to be changed from time to time. This lessens the light bulbs sent to the garbage pit.

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