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What are types and styles of solar street lights?

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Solar energy is one of the new energy sources, with a strong potential, and because of the characteristics of green energy saving and environmental protection, a variety of solarWith the increasing popularity of solar street lights, solar street light products are now becoming ubiquitous. Solar street lights have occupied many markets with their many advantages. Solar street lights can be normal sodium or LED lights. Focus on the concept of power equipment - solar energy; LED street lights can run on solar, conventional thermal, hydropower, and even wind power. The concept of a light emitting device -- LED is introduced.

As the name suggests, solar LED street lights are a combination of the former two, powered by both solar energy and LED lighting. Currently, there are two main types of solar LED street lights: low-power ones powered directly by solar power, high-power ones powered by solar and municipal power, scenic complementary (solar and wind), or even solar and urban power. Solar street lights have a lot of design styles, different styles have their own characteristics.

Split solar street light

The first is split solar street light, split solar street light is the earliest product. The subsequent two-body light and one-body light are optimized and improved on the basis of split street light. The design of two-body solar street light is mainly to solve the problem of high cost and difficult installation of split light. The so-called two-body light is the battery, controller and light source are integrated in the lights and lanterns, these four to form a body, plus separate solar panels, to form a two-body. The two-body light scheme is developed around the lithium battery, relying on the advantages of lithium battery small volume, light weight, can be realized.

In the south, where the sunshine is relatively not very sufficient, it is better to use monocrystalline silicon solar cells, because the electrical performance parameters of monocrystalline silicon solar cells are relatively stable. Amorphous silicon solar cells are better when indoor sunlight is very weak, because amorphous silicon solar cells require lower solar illumination conditions. The most direct way is to look at the size of the solar panel. The larger the board area, the better, of course, also pay attention to the white part.

Integrated Solar Street Light

The Integrated solar street light is the battery, controller, light source, solar panels are all integrated in the light. It is more integrated than the two-body light, which makes it easier to transport and install, but it also has some limitations, especially in areas with relatively low sunlight.

Solar street lights if installed on the road, we also need to consider whether it will be blocked by road both sides plant, because the green plants shade will limit electricity convert easily affect the brightness of the solar street light. In this case, we have to adjust the height of the solar street light pole according to the circumstance, let the solar panel. often check each part of the solar street lightto see if there is damage, if there is damage to timely repair, so as to ensure the brightness of the solar street lightand the service life of the solar street light. Clean solar panels regularly to improve the conversion between solar energy and electricity.

Benefits of Solar Street light

The advancement of technology has brought forward superior performance and innovative developments in solar street lights in the world. There are multiple benefits available with solar street lights, and some of them have been listed below.

Environment-friendly: With the all in one solar street light, there is always the guarantee of around eighty percent lumen maintenance even after 50,000 hours of service. It has several environmental advantages like no mercury in the structure and longer component life which combine to produce less waste than traditional lights.

Energy-efficient: The energy savings from the solar street lights are one of the biggest advantages. The energy saved from the solar lights is generally around 40-60% more when compared to the traditional high-intensity discharge products.

Thermal efficiency: When it comes to an integrated solar street light, the thermal management is the key to make it last longer. Each of the light bars is mounted to the heat sinks that makes the LED units are kept at an optimal temperature.

Less wastage of light: The solar street lights are fitted with direct refractors that minimize the undue loss of light leading to superior quality of performance. The light from the solar lamps reaches where it is directed, and there is no wastage of the light energy.

Low greenhouse gas emission: The increase of greenhouse gases like carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide has led to the alarming situation of global warming. According to a recent study, the use of solar-powered street lights can eliminate the carbon emissions by 258 million metric tons if they are extensively used over the next twenty years.

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