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Five reasons to choose sustainable solar street lighting

Post time: 2022-06-24 16:34:17

Globalization is the primary driver of economic development and growth. In Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia, cities are prospering and modernizing, with major work programmes underway.

To support these transformations, new highways, freeways, bridges and other road infrastructure is being built. All designed to keep people and businesses moving. Public lighting is important for keeping people safe, and it is part of this big conversation. So, don’t get led up a dead-end street: solar lighting is the future. Here are five reasons why you should choose it.

1. Improve safety and the road user experience

It's a fact: public lighting makes it easier and safer for people to use the roads after dark. Covering blind spots, illuminating obstacles, reducing eye strain and more — carefully thought-out and optimally tailored lighting plays a huge role in road safety.

2. Reduce local government spending

Public lighting — including electricity, equipment maintenance and replacement — accounts for a significant proportion of local government spending. There are ways to lower operating costs and the most obvious is solar streetlighting, which reduces electricity consumption to zero, since it’s entirely off-grid. Plus, it’s now a proven fact that solar energy is as cheap as power from the grid – this is known as 'grid parity'.

3. Focus light on the roads where it's needed

To minimize light pollution and help protect nature, solar lighting is the best option, since it complies with all the latest environmental protection standards. The spread of light and colour temperature are carefully specified to minimally impact biodiversity and only light the roadway.

4. Install streetlights without traffic disruption

Roadworks cause a lot of disruption to traffic, not to mention safety issues. The duration of these works is therefore important.

A solar streetlight takes less than two hours to install. There's no need to dig up the road or lay miles of cable, saving huge amounts of time and money.

5. Make choices for a more eco-responsible future

Last but far from least, fully solar lighting is good for the planet, since renewable energy significantly reduces your CO2 emissions.

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