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Solar street lights: lighting solutions for rural and remote areas

Post time: 2021-12-07 16:32:56

Electricity in rural and remote areas

There are still more than 600 million people living without electricity till 2020. More than 55% areas of sub-Saharan Africa and 10% of South East Asia has no electricity. Most of them are undeveloped areas like rural and remote areas. People lived here spent their whole night in darkness and it's impossible and dangerous for them to work or go outside at night.

Insufficiency of traditional lighting

The following are the reasons why traditional lighting solutions are not suitable for these areas.

1. Low grid coverage. The construction of power grid is based on the government's plan of infrastructure. Usually we connect electricity to cities first, and then the countryside. So it's difficult to let rural and remote areas get electricity quickly.

2. Limited budget. Road lighting in rural and remote areas always has a limited budget. No matter it is a government lighting project or commercial. High one-time investment and subsequent continuous electricity bills are unaffordable.

3. Lack installation equipment. In these areas, manual installation is always used because of lacking mechanical installation equipment. So the installation project must be simple and easy to operate.

4. Lack professional engineers The product must be stable and reliable without maintenance because of lacking high-level electrical engineers and maintenance person.

5. Time control and motion control Nightlife in these areas is totally different from cities. There are fewer vehicles and pedestrians, so it's necessary to use time or motion control.

Why we need Solar Street Lighting?

Many of these areas are located in low-latitude areas and are rich in solar energy resources. Solar street lights do not need the power grid and they can be installed at almost anywhere.

It is easy enough for almost everybody to install and operate the solar lights without the help of professional electrical engineers.

Solar street lights just need one -time investment without the bill of monthly electricity and maintenance.

It's clean and clear, can work just relying on the sun with no environmental pollution and destruction.

Using solar street lights for lighting in these areas is the most economical, fast and efficient solution. It is the first choice.

Recommended Solar Street Lights

The ALL in One series A3 solar street light and All in Two series G2 solar street light produced by our company can be perfectly applied to rural, remote and other undeveloped areas. These two products have the following characteristics:

1. They are in excellent quality with using LED light source and high-quality lithium battery. They are bright, stable with long lifespan of 8-10 years.

2. They are designed to be light and portable which greatly reduces the strength requirements for the poles to reduce the cost of the poles and the difficulty of installation.

3. The light distribution is designed for narrow rural roads. Installation height is 6-8 meters, and there is large spacing between light poles, which can reduce the quantity of poles and the overall project cost.

4. The light has an excellent surface anti-rust treatment, so it can resist acid rain, salt spray, rust and other unsafe factors.

5. The product adopts motion control or time control to make the lighting time more reasonable.

In the future, more and more solar street lights will be installed in rural and remote suburbs. The installation of these excellent solar street lights will greatly reduce the danger of going outside at night, improve the level of public security, and enhance people's happiness in life.

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